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Pick Service

Begin your Skyline journey by selecting a service that resonates with your personal style and hair aspirations.


Pick Shampoo

Choose your ideal shampoo, each carefully selected to enhance and nourish your unique hair type.



The Perfect

Our Core Shampoo Experience, featuring top products from R&Co to JVN. Enjoy a luxurious shampoo and scalp massage, priming your hair for styling.

Our Luxury Shampoo Experience, an indulgent treatment that elevates hair care to an art form. Revel in the lavishness of top-tier shampoos and conditioners from Oribe, Bleu, and Olaplex, transforming your hair into a masterpiece of softness and shine.

$5 Upgrade

Indulge in The Perfect Shampoo with R&Co Conditioning - a perfect blend of opulence and hair care. This premium service combines luxurious shampooing with the transformative effects of R&Co conditioning, leaving your hair radiantly healthy.

$25 Upgrade


Pick Finish

Select your finishing touch with a bespoke blowout, tailored to give your hair the perfect flourish.

Blow Dry

Blow Dry + Heat Style

After your service, we'll bring your style to life with an expert blow dry, blending artistry with the latest techniques. The outcome is a sleek, radiant finish that not only looks stunning but also feels wonderfully healthy and vibrant.

Our signature blow dry and heat styling elevates your look with precision and flair. Post-service, your hair is expertly dried and styled using advanced tools for a customized look – be it sleek, curly, or wavy – that perfectly aligns with your style and occasion.

$20 Upgrade


Skyline Salon harmonizes with the unique rhythm of your hair, embracing every curl, color, and cut with an artist's touch. Our comprehensive services, crafted with care and creativity, ensure your hair journey is as individual as you are. Step into a world where your hair's aspirations are heard, understood, and beautifully brought to life.

Tailoring Dreams to Reality — Strand by Strand.
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Cuts & Styling

Our stylists are here to meet your unique hair needs with passion, skill, and dedication to the craft. We’ll talk with you through your vision for the style and cut you’re searching for — and we’ll bring it to life.

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Hair color

Whether you want a color change, correction, highlights, or you’re up for giving us creative freedom to explore your hair’s color possibilities; we have stylists that specialize in mixing up the perfect color for you.

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salon surplus

Our extras go a long way. Get extra length and volume with Bellami® Hair Extensions, or just treat your hair to something special. Some services requires a consultation where we discover your desired look.

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Lip & Chin Wax

Compose a flawless finish, ensuring your smile takes center stage without missing a beat.

Brazilian Blowout

Experience unrivaled smoothness, eliminating frizz and revealing radiant shine in every strand.

Makeup Application

Hit the right note with makeup that amplifies features and celebrates your natural beauty.

Brow Tint & Wax

Set the tone with brow tinting and waxing, the perfect duo to frame your face in harmony.


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