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We Are Back Open!!

As of May 16th, we are back to business. Please see below for all the new safety measures for your next appointment.

See you soon!








Online Booking is now on!


On April 29th, 2020, Mayor Lucas announced that all non-essential businesses could reopen in Kansas City, MO on May 6th if they followed the 10/10/10 rule and could provide PPE for safety. This was an amendment to his original plan of lifting the Stay at Home order on May 15th.


We at Skyline Salon understand that your hair is important and we want to get back to you as soon as possible because it’s what we love. But we want to do it safely. With that, we will remain closed till May 16th in order to give our staff time to prepare for the changes inside the salon and to be able to implement them at the highest of levels. This also allows ownership and management time to order the necessary items and to establish a new standard operating system so both staff and customers alike will have a safe and enjoyable experience inside Skyline Salon. 


For now, we would like to introduce you to some of the new things that will be required in order to receive services at Skyline Salon. 


Beginning May 16th, 2020


-All guests and Skyline Team members will be required to have on a face mask at all times while inside the salon. You will be asked to remove a side of the mask at a time but you will need to hold the mask to your face if the service warrants it.

Skyline Salon will have disposable masks available for purchase (1.00) if you forget your mask.


-Every person entering the salon will have to have a no contact temperature reading. If you have a fever you will be asked to reschedule your appointment at no penalty to you. 


-The lounge will be closed and self serve beverage options will no longer exist. Luckily we have tons of space in Skyline Salon so we will have individual sanitizible seating available and drinks can be received from one of our amazing staff. 


-Changes to double booking. If your stylist double books you will not be allowed to share the same chair at the same time. What that means is that you may not sit in the same place in the salon with each service. 


-Social Distancing. One thing that is unique to Skyline Salon is our space. All stations and processing chairs are a minimum of 6 feet apart so you’ll never have to worry about being too close. 


-Sanitizing. This is old news to us but just to reiterate. Every client will receive a fresh cape with every service, clean towels, the work station and all implements will be sanitized using hospital grade disinfectant between every service. We contract with a hospital grade professional cleaning service to deep clean the nooks and crannies and we have added an additional staff member to allow for daily sanitizing and cleaning the more heavily trafficked areas. 


-Only a person receiving a service at Skyline Salon will be allowed inside the salon. Translators and assistants to persons with disabilities will also be allowed in. We are operating at altered occupancy and why add more to the mix. If your family member or friend wants to come….book them an appointment. 


(Look for additional correspondence outlining any additional policies as things are changing daily)


The staff at Skyline Salon can not wait to see you soon. 


Stay Well. 


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