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My passion for arts and creativity came to me at a very young age. 
My heart has always been drawn to many different forms of art.
The piano became my first artistic love at the age of four.
Then drawing and painting came along soon after.
As I got older my creative pursuits expanded to include watercolor, gauche, poetry, yoga, photography, digital illustration, jewelry making, crystal healing, tarot reading, and festival attendance. 
Then along came hairstyling. Hairstyling amazed me so much because it is a realistic challenge in the art world.
Hairstyles and colors are artwork that move and showcase daily out in the world. It is art that never stops evolving, changing, or growing.
My main focus as a stylist is creating looks that fit your personal wants and needs, that fit your personality, and enhance your natural features.
I thrive in balayage, lived-in looks, bold and edgy styles, natural colors, high fashion hues, textured tousled looks, blondes, formal occasion styles, and clean cuts. 
I am a natural giver and helper. I enjoy providing my clients with what they need and advising them on new looks, inspiration, and up-to-date styling.

816-221-2001                               2001 Grand Boulevard, 4th Floor                    Kansas City, MO 64108