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I’m truly grateful that the doors to become a hairstylist opened for me as a career. It’s been a gift to build relationships with clients, people in the industry, and with my salon family. I graduated from cosmetology school back in 2015 and I’ve had a passion for the industry ever since. I’ll be honest I would have never guessed I would be a hairstylist and had no thought of it as a kid. Though when I look back at my life, I see where the dots connected. My younger sisters gave me a lot of opportunities to practice styling. For myself, I would always cut my own hair and color it all the time. My mom would have to hide the scissors from me until I moved out of the house.


Art has always been therapeutic to me and an escape mechanism. Some of my favorite mediums are: photography, watercolor, gouache, ceramics, and mixed media. Some of my favorite hobbies and interests are: playing the piano, cooking, baking, health/exercise, traveling, reading, writing, coffee shops, plants, museums, thrifting, concerts, and antique shopping.

My top priority out of anything in my life is the Lord and serving Him. I’m grateful for all He has done in my life and continues to do in me. I’m grateful for community He has provided me and growing to know more of Him.


What I appreciate about hairstyling as a career is that it’s tactile and kinetically driven. I’ve always been a hands on person. To have the ability to create something from your own hands is astonishing to me. Growing as a stylist, I had a fire to start honing in on the technical, visual composition, creative expression, and science behind styling. I was determined to apply these elements into tailoring a form of moving art. I love enhancing a person’s natural features through sculpting and painting that’s fitting to their aesthetic. I truly thrive in hand painting, straight blade razoring, clean cutting, high fashion hues, textured styles, lived-in cuts and colors. Something I also appreciate about this industry is how it’s always evolving. With that, there is always room for growth and continuing education. Below is a list of continuing education over the years.


Warmly, Katy


• Hairstylist and Makeup Artist - Kansas City Fashion Week 2014

• Hairstylist and Makeup Artist - KSU Fashion Show 2014

• L’Oréal Color Theory Class - State Beauty Supply Lenexa, KS 2015

• L’Oréal Freehand Balayage Class - Z Academy Overland Park, KS 2015

• Advanced Haircuting - Jeffrey Davis Manhattan, Kansas 2015

• L’Oréal Balayage and Color Techniques - Carlo Novoa 2015

• L’Oréal Expert Network Certification Instructed - Jessica Buse and Jacob Rau Lenexa, KS 2016

• Creative Coloring - Jen OkPara Manhattan, Kansas 2016

• L’Oreal Balayage Class - Hollie Haskins Kansas City, Kansas 2017

• Make Money No Excuse Class - Daniel Mason Jones Kansas City, Kansas 2017

• Redken Color Theory Class - Kanaan Manhattan, Kansas 2018

• Salt Society Education on Teasy Lights, Root Smudge, Advanced Balayage, Foilage, Toning, and Theory - Jamie Sea Manhattan, Kansas 2019

• R and Co Product Knowledge - Lacey Adams, Kansas City 2019

• Wella Highlighting - Lis Harland, Kansas City 2020

• Viceroy for Cult + King, 2021

• Product Knowledge Cult + King - Jared Briggs Online 2021

• Private Shag Straight Blade Razor Cutting - Lo Shabino, Austin TX 2021

• Hand Styling Shags Wavy, Straight, Curly - Jayne Matthews Online 2022

• Barbering and Men’s Grooming - Drizzy, Kansas City 2022

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