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Josh Crumley

Josh Crumley Owner Skyline Salon Stylist Kansas City

Josh Crumley

Owner + Senior Stylist


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​​Born amidst the squalor of Missouri back country, my childhood resembled something you might see in an episode of Hee-Haw or heard about from Toby Keith. In early 1990, with fear of a massive eastern Missouri earthquake and an ever-so-subtle argument with a mother-in-law, my parents decided to give their baby boy an opportunity to have all his teeth, I mean, to live in the "big" city! Kansas City here I come.


Growing up in North Kansas City I had my fair share of excitement, like when they built the new Wal-Mart next to the old Wal-Mart that was next to the new Best Buy that was next to the old Best Buy. By middle school my southern accent had all but disappeared, but my thirst for life had not! I graduated from Oak Park High School and decided I was destined for Super-Stardom so I grew a beard and mullet and joined a rock band. Spent the next 7 years living in and out of a van playing college towns and dive bars, but fate had a different plan for me.

While on tour a fellow friend needed a haircut and as a joke I offered to cut his hair, and to my surprise he agreed to let me (the man with no formal training who hadn't cut much more than construction paper his whole life) do just that. So armed with a pair of Fiskar orange handled "everything" scissors I attempted my first haircut. My friend had both his ears, I had all of my fingers, his hair looked better than it did, and everyone in the room was astounded at the result, all in all a success. Shortly after this I decided that this new found ability was worth a serious look and enrolled at Paris II School of Cosmetology to get my PhD. (professional hair degree.....little stylist humor for ya.....check one, this thing on?)Flash forward 18 years and I am behind the chair at Skyline Salon loving what I do. Over the course of the past 18 years I have worked on countless fashion shows and photo shoots, as well as backstage for Redken in Las Vegas, American Crew in St Louis and Nick Arrojo in New York. While I would say that I can conquer any challenge, especially when it comes to hair, I do have my personal specialties  Fine hair is my specialty. Being able to give my client a look that they can do at home that is edgy and sexy with their fine hair is a thrill. I also love color, whether it's your first time, highlight touch up, getting rid of that pesky grey, or needing a fix for that "great idea" you and your sister had last night I got you covered. My eye for detail and meticulous crafting of your hair will have your hair thanking you.You have the hair, I have the chair, lets work something out. (..... seriously guys I don't think the mics on!!) 

816-221-2001                               2001 Grand Boulevard, 4th Floor                    Kansas City, MO 64108       

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